Is Hiring a Photo Booth For My Wedding Worth It?

Is Hiring a Photo Booth For My Wedding Worth It?

Every wedding couple has asked the question of whether getting a photo booth for their wedding is a good idea. In most cases, the answer is absolutely YES! A photo booth rental will add another layer of fun to the wedding. It allows guests to act crazy and wild and capture it in a camera. It is also a good souvenir to give out to the guests because it is more personal and customized to their liking.

When talking about photo booth, the first kind that comes in everybody’s mind is that old DIY photo booth where only two people can sit inside. That isn’t what I’m talking about for a wedding photo booth. I am talking about modern photo booths – the ones that have professional lighting and modern cameras installed. These kinds of photo booth rental are ideal for a wedding since they capture the spirit of the event.

What to do if you want to book a photo booth

If you are looking into getting a photo booth for your wedding, you should check out many companies in your area. The beauty of looking into several companies is you can compare them with each other. Hire the one that best suit your needs. Or hire the one that you like the most – whichever you prefer, really. The fact is, because of so many photo booth rental companies, you can easily find something that will fit the style or theme of your wedding.

Why would I need a photo booth rental when I already have a photographer?

That is a great question. Photo booths and photographers offer different things to events. A photographer takes care of shooting photos of precious moments to capture the atmosphere of the event. Most of the pictures they take are candid and more genuine. A good photographer is able to put into picture the entirety of the wedding event. Photo booths on the other hand is more of a fun side activity for the guests. Inside, they can be whoever they want to be. There are plenty of costumes to choose from which adds to the fun of taking a picture. It also serves as a personalized souvenir for your guests.

Is renting a photo booth for my wedding worth it?

The answer is dependent on what you consider worth it. If you value experience and fun, it is definitely a worthy expense. However, if you are working on a budget, you can always just make your own photo booth. Fortunately, most photo booth rental companies charge cheap. You only hire them on an hourly basis which makes their work somewhat limited and cheap. Even if you are working on a budget, you can easily fit a photo booth in there, no problem.

A photo booth will provide fun and entertainment for your guests. Do not limit your wedding to a small range of emotion. Add some spice to it by getting a photo booth. It is a spontaneous way of getting a picture. Your guests can be anything they want – a pirate, clown, painter, and many more. Imagine taking a picture with your friends dressed as pirates and other silly things. That’s fun and that is what wedding should be all about. It’s about celebrating the union of two people in love. Doing it the fun and light hearted way is the best option for you.

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