Couple in a Photo Booth party with garland decorationFundraisers are not only fun to arrange, but they also help out those who are in need of money. With a fundraiser, you are able to give the less fortunate a have a better life. Columbus Photo Booth Rentals want to help you out in contributing towards making that happen. We offer our photo booth services for every kind of fundraiser. We guarantee you that we are the most reliable photo booth rental company you can come across for renting a photo booth. We proudly offer our photo booth rental services for fundraisers and make sure that you are able to raise funds for us.

Socializing, laughter and smile are what makes a fundraiser successful. Columbus Photo Booth Rental makes sure that you are able to raise necessary funds. Both adults and children love to pose for photos and get inside the photo booths. Because everyone is crazy about photo booths and taking pictures inside it, so you can be sure that you would be raising quite a lot of funds. Along with that, everyone who enters the photo booth and poses for the camera will get an HD phot strip which they can keep with themselves. Once your event is over, everyone at your fundraiser would have digital downloads that they can take home and keep memories with them forever. These photos can also be shared via Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. A great advantage you would get through this is the name of your fundraising event would spread and people would be talking about what a great success it was.

Columbus Photo Booth helps raising funds for every organization for numerous causes. When you rent a photo booth from us, you will benefit by a large margin. We will make sure that your entire photo booth experience goes smooth and the people at your fundraiser can enjoy the event. We will set up the booth at your event and we assure you that nothing will go wrong. Our team member would be available near the booth to keep an eye on everything so that nothing can go wrong. We will set up the photo booth either inside or outside, the choice is yours.

We would like to inform you that our photo booth rental services for fundraisers are not free. Columbus Photo Booth Rental offers reliable and affordable services when it comes to renting a photo booth from fundraisers. Plus, if you are availing our services for the right cause, we would definitely offer you discounts. If you are wondering that whether your fundraising event will get any benefit from our photo booths, then we assure you that you will. People go crazy when they see a photo booth because everyone loves taking photos. So, every time someone enters the photo booth, which means you just earned some funds for your cause.

Through our services, your event will be something that people will talk about and will remain in everyone’s memories for a long time. Do you know that would happen? Because your event will have a unique factor to it, that is a photo booth. Photo booths are super fun and they will add extra entertainment to your fundraiser. All you have to do is let us know the cause of your fundraiser and we will take care of everything else. If we believe that your event is for a good cause, you can be sure that our photo booth rental services would be available for you. We know that since it’s all about raising funds, it would not be easy for you to spend too much money on renting a photo booth. It is because of this reason that we offer discounted rates for fundraisers.

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