Bride and groom in photobooth.

We all celebrate a number of different occasions every year, but just after some time the memories of these events start to fade away. And then next year we are left with nothing but distant and faint memories of the once good time we had with our friends and family. But, we all know a way through which we can capture those special moments. And that is through pictures, but hiring a photographer has gotten a bit old school. So, why not go for something new and fun? Allow Columbus Photo Booth Rental to present you with an opportunity to make your event something to remember! Rent a photo booth from us and allow your guests to snap photos inside the photo booth and get instant pictures.

The major advantage that comes with photo booths is that we instantly get a hard copy of our pictures. The pictures which we snap using our smartphones and cameras are usually in soft copy and they often get deleted later on. But, when you have a photo booth at your party, your guests will get instant hard copies of their pictures and would be able to keep them forever. Renting a photo booth is the new way and fun way to entertain your guests. It is absolutely a perfect thing to have at any celebration. Your guests will get a chance to capture moments of their lives in various poses and with props. Are you wondering what various celebrations are perfect to rent a photo booth from Columbus Photo Booth Rental? Have a look below!

Weddings: Weddings are special and a hot new trend going around in weddings these days is renting a photo booth. Photo booths from us and weddings are without a doubt the perfect match. The photo booths are becoming highly popular in weddings because they add a fun and unique factor to the celebration. Your guests will have an amazing time at your wedding and will remember it for a long time. Once the guests leave your wedding, they will remember it as the fun wedding with a prop filled photo boot. Along with that, you will have digital photos for remembering every guest at your wedding. The bride and groom can also take photo behind the curtain and enjoy some privacy.

Prom Night: Whether is school prom night or college prom night, we all know how important that night is for everyone. And since it’s so special and you have spent a lot of time getting ready and finding that perfect prom dress; you would want to take lots of photos. What better way is there than at a photo booth rental at the prom? Renting a photo booth from Columbus Photo Booth Rental is a smart idea for proms. You might want to tell the chair of the prom committee about this idea. Or, if you are the head of the committee, go ahead with this idea and everyone is going to love you!

Reunions: Reunions are the most emotional celebrations we all come across. This is the time when we meet all our old friends and colleagues and it is evident that you keep this day intact for the rest of years to come. Your reunion party will certainly be a hit when you rent a photo booth from us.

Oktoberfest: Oktoberfest’s is a great event to have a photo booth. People will get a chance to take photos with their friends and make memories.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah: Young adults are crazy about photo booths at Bat/Bar Mitzvahs. Photo booths are perfect for this celebration as the guests love to spend time inside the booth with their friends.

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