About Us

About Us

Do you have a fun and important event coming up soon? Would you want pictures to be taken at that event? There is a new trend going around, which is not hiring a photographer. That new trend is to get a photo booth for your party. Photo booths from our company are an exciting and great way to bring people together and get their pictures taken.

Columbus Photo Booth Rental gives you a chance to give a unique addition to your event. You can add spice to your party by putting your focus on capturing the event. We give out high quality image and video services. We are the only photo booth company in the area which makes use of top studio lighting, professional cameras and the images which your guests would receive at the spot are sharp polished photographs.

In addition to our latest and photo equipment, we have a staff of professionals who have vast knowledge about photography and they know exactly what makes a picture look perfect. We know that photographs are that kind of memory which can last forever and that is why we want to make sure your photos last long and keep their quality. Since Columbus Photo Booth Rental is entirely a photo booth company, we provide you the opportunity to customize the photo booths according to your liking. Plus, the photo strips, the shape and size of the photo booth and the props can be customized according to your preferences. So, whatever you have in mind; we can make it possible.

Photo booths have been around for a long time and they always bring together friends and family. But, especially in today’s world of selfies and photos; photo booths at parties have become super popular. A single camera has the power to bring together lots of people at a party, and is certainly a great ice-breaker.

Columbus Photo Booth Rental gives you the opportunity to create life long memories. There is nothing quite like sibling rivalry to see who can make the weirdest poses and faces. Photographs are also the best kind of party favor. Even the shy guests at your party would love to get inside the booth and smile for the camera. Another great thing is that the photo strips can be traded and collected among friends.

Of course these pictures are much smaller than original ones, but this works out great when you need pictures of your friends and family. Columbus Photo Booth Rental gives you photo booth rentals and open air booths as well. An open booth is just like a regular photo booth, but it does not have any curtains so they are great for school events and other events as well. Our photo booths are affordable and they are perfect for fitting your needs.

Our photo booths can be set up anywhere. Single doors, stairs and even elevators are no problem for us. We offer our customers with full sized photo booths that can be easily delivered to any place.

We are a full party photo booth rental company. Renting a photo for a party is a trendy and exclusive way to celebrate your party. Our photo booths have an elegant design and they complement all events.

You would want your guests to have a great time at your party, so give them exactly that! Let them remember your party for months to come by renting a photo booth from us today.

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