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Columbus Photo Booth Rental aka Infinity Photobooth Ohio is one of the most popular booth rental companies in the area. And that’s because we provide you and your guests the real fun of photography. We give them the chance to create memorable moments together and take home these memories. Give the guests at your party a chance to meet and talk to each other in the easiest way while enjoying the moments of the night.

Before Columbus Photo Booth rental came into existence, wedding receptions, birthdays and other parties were captured with hired photographers. But, it wasn’t as fun as taking photographs in a photo booth. With photo booths, each moment of the party becomes important and is captured in high resolution that can be shared among the guests instantly. This sharing is done with digital downloads or printed photo strips. The digital downloads can be shared on Facebook and other various social networking sites.

A new take on event photography

Renting a photo booth for your party or celebration and allow them with the option of creating perfect moments and sharing them with everyone else instantly. What else is there? The image quality of our photos is amazing and no other photo booth rental company offers this kind of reliable services. With Columbus Photo Booth Rental, your friends and family would be able to have the opportunity of creating memories in the best possible way.

Photo booths are the new and fun way to enjoy taking photos at parties and celebrations. Rent a photo booth from us at any of these events and watch your guests pose and laugh, then save the pictures, share them and remember that particular celebration for a lifetime.

  • Holiday Parties
  • Weddings
  • Proms
  • Anniversary Parties
  • Corporate Events
  • Mitzvahs
  • Sweet Sixteen Parties
  • Theme Parties
  • Graduation Parties
  • High School Reunions
  • Launch Parties
  • Charity Parties

This is just to name a few; we offer our photo booth rental services for almost every kind of event or party. The cost of renting our photo booths is just the fraction of the cost you would pay to a professional photographer. Your guests would receive digital copies of all the photographs and they would have the option of writing personal messages on the prints that would come out from the photo booth.

Columbus Photo Booth Rental is the hot new trend in entertaining your guests at various events. We offer our customers with both open and enclosed photo booth rentals in Columbus. Our booths are super customizable and they would capture your party with an array of fun props, magazine overlays, fun backgrounds and much more.

Photo booths are becoming highly popular at parties, and if you have recently visited a party where they had a photo booth, you probably have an idea how fun they are. When you give your guests excitement and entertainment of a photo booth, your guests would surely have a blast! They will stay longer at your event, take home lots of party favors and talk about how great of an idea it was to rent a photo booth for a party. Once the curtain falls, there is no telling what is going on inside the photo booth and what your guests of all ages are doing inside.

Liven up the crowd at the next event; renting a photo booth is surely the best idea for keeping your guests entertained. Columbus Photo Booth Rental is the most reliable company for renting a photo booth. We offer our clients with the highest quality photos, best customer service and we give them the most fun, largest and best photo booth rental services one could ask for!

Photo booth renting is becoming one of the most popular things to have at theme parties, dances, graduations, weddings or any other event which exists. A photo booth helps in adding some fun and excitement into any party or event. If you have recently attended a party where there was photo booth rented, you already know how much fun that can be. Renting a photo booth is a full proof plan that your guests will not get bored. In fact, there are high chances that your party will be remembered by many for many years to come.

Why Go For a Photo Booth?

There are several different reasons why photo booths are getting so popular lately. Selfies are trending at every event or occasion and everyone loves taking them. So, why not give your guests a better way of taking selfies together? Taking pictures inside a photo booth with lots of props is so much more fun than using your own phone to do so. With a photo booth, you give your party some fun and excitement, so why would your guests not appreciate that? Renting a photo booth can really liven up your party and give your guests exactly what they need. Once the party is coming to an end, all your guests will be appreciating your idea of renting a photo booth.

Worried about your guests not having fun at your party of leaving the event early just because they are not having a good time? With a photo booth, you don’t have to worry about any of that! When there is a photo booth at any party, you can always expect the guests to stay late at the party and take home some amazing memories and party favors. In addition to that, everyone will be talking about your party for days! Why would you want to miss out on any of that? All that can be achieved simply by renting a photo booth from Columbus Photo Booth Rental.

Another great reason it’s a smart idea to rent a photo booth is because it gives people a chance to take photos while enjoying their privacy. Their might a few guests at your party who don’t really like posing in front of a big crowds. With a photo booth, they will be able to enjoy their privacy while taking some hilarious and goofy photos. Also, a photo booth is great for couples who want to take photos while acting to be ‘in love’ or showing affection towards one another.

Give Your Guests What They Want

Columbus Photo Booth Rental has a goal to provide its customers with the best and most entertaining photo booth experience in Columbus. We have the best customer service and offer the highest quality prints to make sure that you get to enjoy a photo booth rental without any stress or worry.

We have been in business for quite some time now and throughout this time we have managed to satisfy almost all our customers. We know and understand exactly what people are looking for in photo booths and we aim to give them what they want.

Columbus Photo Booth Rental believes in giving the best to its customers. This is why we always make sure that every single customer is happy with our services. When you rent a photo booth from us, you will also be assigned a team member who will be present at your party. The reason why we send a team member along is to ensure that you or your guests do not face any kind of problem related to the photo booth.

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